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Grant Lawrence 
Host, Digital Media |

Grant Lawrence has long been a leading voice for Canadian arts and culture. For 10 years, the gregarious and encyclopedic Lawrence has hosted the CBC Radio 3 Podcast, a weekly showcase of Canadian independent music. Grant can also be heard on CBC Radio 3's popular web radio station, also airing on SiriusXM 162, as well as on various CBC Radio One and Radio 2 programs.
Grant Lawrence has hosted many major music events, such as the Polaris Music Prize Gala, the Western Canadian Music Awards, and various festivals around North America. 

In March 2014, Grant Lawrence won a Canadian Screen Awards for hosting CBC Music presents: The Beetle Roadtrip Sessions, a series of cross-country videos featuring sessions by Canadian musicians in iconic locations.

Grant is also the author of two award-winning books: Adventures In Solitude, and The Lonely End of the Rink. Prior to his work at CBC, Grant Lawrence was the lead singer of the internationally acclaimed Vancouver garage band The Smugglers.

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