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Garth Materie
Host | Blue Sky

According to Garth, he first heard the siren song of radio when he was about five, back when transistors were high tech!  At that time he thought all the musicians came down to the radio station to play - he learned about records a little later, but the damage was done.  When a part-time job as a disc jockey came up in high school, the lure of radio reeled him in even further.
Garth has been a reporter in radio news for over a quarter century, including 20 years with CBC in Saskatoon.   He's still fascinated by this province and its people. For him, helping to tell their stories is a joy. 
Garth and his wife, Roberta were born and raised in Saskatchewan and their roots run deep.
Garth loves to cook and has a consuming interest in Canadian history, scooters, politics and economics and the law.  He is thrilled to be the  host of a show with a name and forum as all encompassing as Blue Sky as it gives him the opportunity to explore all of his interests and yours.  
Garth is active in the community and has enjoyed emceeing at the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan and at the U of S Governor General Lecture Series among others.

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