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Evan Solomon
Host | Power & Politics with Evan Solomon
Host | The House

Two-time Gemini Award-winning journalist Evan Solomon is the anchor of CBC News Network's POWER & POLITICS WITH EVAN SOLOMON - Canada's #1 cable news political program, as well as CBC Radio One's THE HOUSE - the most popular political affairs program in Canada.

Before that, Solomon co-hosted the Gemini Award-winning weekly news and current affairs shows CBC NEWS: SUNDAY and CBC NEWS: SUNDAY NIGHT. During this run, he reported from all over Canada and around the world, on stories ranging from federal elections to the tsunami to piracy in the Persian Gulf.

Throughout his career, Solomon has interviewed many key political players, from Prime Ministers, world leaders and U.S. Presidents, to the Dalai Lama and Henry Kissinger, among others. He has covered federal elections and budgets and is a regular guest anchor on CBC's The National. His documentaries about the economic meltdown, such as "The Great Wall Street Swindle", foresaw much of what happened over the last year. He was the first Canadian journalist inside Iran following the death of Zarah Kazemi, where he reported on the political instability before the last election. Solomon was also one of the first Canadian journalists inside Guantanamo Bay Prison and reported from Banda Aceh in Indonesia just after the Tsunami hit.

Prior to CBC NEWS: SUNDAY, Solomon hosted HOT TYPE, the CBC Newsworld show about print culture and ideas. From 1994 to 1997, Solomon was the host of FUTUREWORLD, a Gemini Award-winning series on CBC Newsworld about technology and ideas. Solomon also anchored the PBS co-production called MASTERS OF TECHNOLOGY. The series examined the ideas and lives of some of today's most influential innovators. Prior to HOT TYPE, he hosted THE CHANGEMAKERS, a special six-part series on CBC Television, about writers and thinkers who have made a radical difference.

Considered "one of the top 100 people to watch" by Maclean's magazine,Solomon was the co-founder of Shift, an international award-winning magazine about technology and culture. He was the editor-in-chief from 1992 to 1999.

Solomon's first novel, Crossing the Distance, published by McClelland & Stewart, was a bestseller. He also wrote and edited the best-selling 2004 book, Fueling the Future: How the Battle Over Energy Will Change Everything, published by Anansi. It was nominated for both the Business Book of the Year and the Science book of the year. He also co-edited the award-winning 2005 book, Feeding the Future: From Fat to Famine, How to Solve the World's Food Crisis.  He has published two childrens books with Penguin books

Solomon has written a monthly column for The Globe and Mail called "How They See It", and has worked as a journalist and writer for publications throughout North America and Asia, including The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star and The South China Morning Post.

Solomon has a B.A. and an M.A. from McGill University.