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Eugene Levy
Johnny Rose | Schitt's Creek

Eugene Levy has appeared in more than 60 motion pictures to date, seven of which have topped the $100M mark.  His box office success in films like Bringing Down The House, Cheaper By the Dozen 2 and Father Of The Bride Part II have established him as one of Hollywood's most popular comedic actors. But it was the role of Jim's Dad in the American Pie franchise that cemented his reputation as America's favorite dad. His next major film role is the voice of Charlie in the Disney Pixar feature Finding Dory with Ellen DeGeneres.

Partnering with Christopher Guest, Levy earned critical acclaim for co-writing and co-starring in Best In Show, Waiting For Guffman, For Your Consideration and A Mighty Wind. Levy has been nominated for and won countless awards including and a New York Film Critics Circle Award for A Mighty Wind and a Grammy Award®.  He received a Golden Globe® nomination for Best In Show and two Emmys® for his writing on SCTV.  His earlier films include Splash; Armed and Dangerous; Multiplicity; Club Paradise; and Serendipity.

In 2013, Levy formed Not A Real Company Productions (with his son Dan Levy and principals Andrew Barnsley and Fred Levy) to produce Schitt's Creek, a television series for CBC he co-created, co-executive produces, and co-stars in with Dan Levy. The single-camera, character-driven comedy also stars Catherine O'Hara and Chris Elliott.

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