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Eli Glasner
Arts Reporter | CBC News Now

Eli Glasner is an arts reporter and film critic with CBC. Each Friday his reviews, be they scathing or enthusiastic, can be heard on CBC News Network as well as his weekly appearances on many local radio shows.

Glasner has been covering Canadian culture for over a decade with CBC. As the national arts reporter for CBC Radio he covered the ACTRA strike, the rise of the Indo-Canadian comedy scene as well as working conditions in the video game industry. He also hosted the short-lived summer radio program Projector ( and contributed to many other shows including DNTO, The World this Weekend and The Business Report.

As an arts reporter for CBC News Network, Glasner has interviewed a wide range of personalities, from Daniel Radcliffe to Anthony Daniels (C3PO).

Eli Glasner received a BFA in Film with a focus on screenwriting from York University. His favourite films are Brazil, Baraka and Brick and that's just the B's.

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