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Dzintars Cers
Journalist | CBC

Dzintars has worked at CBC for nearly 30 years. In that time.. he's worn a number of different hats... starting with children's programming on television.. out of CBC Calgary. He also spent about 15 years with CBC National Radio sports as a host, reporter and producer. During that time he attended many events, including three Olympics. The 1988 winter games in Calgary and Summer games in Seoul, South Korea. And then in 1996.. the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. 

After his stint in sports, Dzintars moved on to the National Radio Newsroom, where, again, he has performed a variety of roles, most notable as a fill in host for World Report. He was part of the team that won an RTNDA award for World Report's coverage of the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.. on Boxing day, 2004. 

Before his days at CBC, Dzintars worked at a number of private radio stations, spinning music and at one point was the radio station music director.

And music is, very much, a part of his life to this day. He plays, writes and records and produces it.  He did a music show at McMaster University's student radio station for over 20 years.  It began as a World Music show but evolved into, more, of a showcase of local Hamilton talent.

He's been in a number of bands over the years, but really enjoys producing original music and other related projects in his home studio these days. 

Dzintars has, recently, added video production to his list of things to do. 
To find out more about Dzintars' other side, outside CBC, check out his website.. 

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