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Donovan Workun
Actor | The Irrelevant Show

Donovan Workun is an award-winning actor and improviser in several media. He is a founding member of the wildly successful Atomic Improv Co. As part of that group, he created North America's first two-man improv show, which played sold-out shows across North America, and won both the "Just For Laughs" Improv Festival, and the World Improv Championships in Los Angeles, competing against the likes of Brad Sherwood and Wayne Brady from ABC TV's "Whose Line Is It Anyway." If you've turned on your TV in the last 15 years you've probably seen Donovan selling products from Alberta livestock and pizza to furniture and banking. His voice work has been featured in two animated series. He has starred in feature films alongside Tim Curry, Tom Green and Patrick Swayze. Donovan is tired of name-dropping. Oh ya, Mike Myers. Donovan is done.

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