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Derreck Martin 
Buyer | Four Rooms

Toronto-based Derreck Martin is the owner of 507 ANTIQUES, a 22-year-old family business founded by his father, Kent Martin. With its 20,000 square foot warehouse, 507 prides itself on being the largest antique dealer in the country. With Derreck at the helm, 507 recently expanded into the United States, launching a showroom in Manhattan.
507 houses a mass collection of quality furniture, lighting, accessories and art that spans the 16th to mid-20th centuries. It also happens to be the home of one of the most reputable restoration and conservation teams in the Toronto area.
Derreck specializes in French, Italian and American antiques and furniture. As a truly eclectic dealer, he also has a keen eye for pop culture and oddities, such as taxidermy. Derreck's client list includes private collectors, interior designers, hotels and film production companies. 
Derreck splits his time between 507 and tracking down unique items at auctions and antique shows. He sees big value in flea markets, which he says are at the heart of the business. As he's quick to point out, they also happen to be a great place to snag a deal!

You can follow Derreck on Twitter @derreckmartin