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David Gutnick
Host | In The Field

David Gutnick grew up on the prairies and the North West Territories and has been living in Québec for thirty years. David's first story for CBC radio was about a group of Inuit teenagers who were billeted with families in Québec City so that they could go to school in French. Since then David has told thousands of stories from people he has met all over the world.

He has won a number of Canadian and International awards. *Beethoven's Bust - a documentary about a young piano student and her teacher won the Gold Medal at the New York Radio Festival; *Jennifer's Diary *- the documentary day to day diary of a homeless Montréal woman won a Commonwealth Broadcasting Association first prize. In 2012, David's documentary *The Gristle in the Stew,* about the compensation battle led by former patients
of Ontario schools for the intellectually disabled, was honoured by The United Nations, won a silver medal at the New York Festival and recieved the media award given out by Community Living Ontario. It was short-listed for a Prix Italia.

David has taught many courses on documentary radio - his favourite was in Fana, Mali with Farm Radio International, a Canadian aid organization that helps African broadcasters use radio to improve the lives of farmers and their families.

David studied at Dalhousie University and graduated from L'Université Laval with a degree in French and African literature. David's partner - Loreen Pindera - also works for the CBC. In his spare time David participates in Ironman triathalons.

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