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Craig Lederhouse
Host | The Afternoon Edition

Craig Lederhouse loves making radio. He was born and raised in Regina. He moved west to join CBC Radio in Vancouver in 2004. For the next 7 years he cajoled more than 2,500 guests into speaking on the radio, including a rush of Olympic gold medalists, the President of Ireland, and a blindfolded bald eagle. Occasionally, you'd hear Craig himself on the radio: describing his audition for Jeopardy, explaining to bewildered Vancouverites the understated joy of curling, or donating blood for the first time in his life.

In the year before returning home to Saskatchewan, Craig was a back-up host for BC's noon hour radio talk show. In the midst of this, Craig noticed he actually missed scraping his windshield. Then, after two Grey Cup losses, suffering in west-coast solitude, it became clear: a return to the prairies with his Esterhazy-born wife and 3-year-old daughter was critical.

As host of The Afternoon Edition, Craig loves immersing himself in the stories of Saskatchewan and introducing the people who live here, to one another on the radio.
Craig enjoys taking part in events as it gives him a chance to meet his listeners. He has emceed at the Regina Folk Festival Concert Series, Sask Sampler Night at Bushwakker and at the Regina Symphony Orchestra Masterworks Concert Series.