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Colleen Jones
Field Reporter | CBC Nova Scotia News

Colleen's 27-year career at CBC has seen her reporting on a variety of different stories, but her first love is always sports reporting.  Based out of Halifax, NS, she has covered Canada Games, Commonwealth Games and eight Olympic Games.  As a Hall of Fame curler, she has won a record six Canadian Curling Championships and has won two World Curling championships.  She is also an avid cyclist,biking across France in 2012-but realizes she'll never be Tour de France ready!

The mother of two handsome guys, Zach just graduated from Dalhousie Law School and Luke is on a tennis scholarship at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.  Her husband, Scott is an engineer...and their dog Brutus is a near perfect dog.

When not telling stories for CBC, Colleen is an aspiring yogi, smoothie maker and coffee connoisseur!

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