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Christine Birak 
Host | CBC News Network

Most recently, as reporter with CBC News Toronto, Birak has covered a number of important stories, including the "Toronto 18," the Air France crash, the Air India verdict, the 2003 blackout, and Karla Homolka's release from prison.

Birak has also spent time with CBC News in Fredericton and Moncton, N.B., working as a reporter, producer and host.

However, she didn't initially see herself pursuing a career in journalism. After graduating with a science degree from the University of Toronto, Birak, who is fluent in Punjabi, travelled through much of Western Europe, parts of South-East Asia and the Middle East. She also lived in England and Japan. The experience of seeing how others lived, what they valued and how they viewed the world led Birak to study journalism-and she hasn't looked back.

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