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Chris Walker
Host | Daybreak South

Chris is an award-winning reporter who started his career in the alleyways of Egypt after landing his first job with the Cairo Times, an independent human rights magazine.  While in the Middle East, he also reported from Israel and the Palestinian Territories, freelancing for CBC News and writing for the Lebanon Daily Star.  Since then, he's lived in Victoria and Prince George, where for three years he hosted the morning show for Northern BC.  Most recently, he worked as a news editor in Kelowna, where he lives with his wife and dog. 

When he's not on the radio, Chris can be found in the garden or in the kitchen.  He also enjoys running and playing field hockey (no, he doesn't wear a skirt!).

Chris grew up on Galiano Island near Victoria.  He holds a degree in American history from the University of Victoria and a graduate degree in journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa.  

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