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Anthony Germain
Host | St. John's Morning Show

Anthony Germain is an award-winning journalist who loves to bake chocolate chip cookies and squares.

He started his career with CBC in Halifax in 1991 and moved on to report news and current affairs in Moncton, Saint John and Quebec City, also hosting the Morning Show in Ottawa.

Anthony spent five years as CBC's foreign correspondent in China - reporting from Shanghai and Beijing from 2006 to 2011. He's been the host of the St. John's Morning Show ever since. 

Anthony has won many awards for his investigative work uncovering tax fraud in Canada and for his work in China and various war zones. When he's not regaling listeners with his witticisms and teasing the Morning Show crew, he enjoys family time with his wife and four children.  He also has a big heart and spends a lot of time on community outreach and giving presentations to school-age children.

Secret talent? Anthony possesses special voice recognition abilities, but insists it's impractical because he can't cash in on it.

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