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Angela Knight
Reporter | Calgary Eyeopener

Angela Knight is the heart of the city's number one morning show, The Calgary Eyeopener, on CBC Radio One.  

Knight has more than two decades of broadcasting experience. She has hosted a variety of radio shows in Dawson Creek B.C., North Battleford SK and in Calgary. She has interviewed some of the most prominent business and community leaders in Western Canada.  

Since joining the Eyeopener eight years ago, Knight has established herself as an audience favourite. She helps CBC listeners get ready for their day by providing the latest traffic and weather reports. And she keeps them smiling with her warm, funny on-air presence.  

When she's not on the air, Knight is busy leading the CBC Do Crew. The Do Crew harnesses the volunteer spirit of Calgarians - encouraging listeners to dedicate their time to organizations and projects around the city.  Since it began in 2009, more than 1,000 people have signed up for the Do Crew, donating more than 3000 hours of volunteer time to worthy projects.  

You can hear Angela Knight weekdays starting at 6 a.m. on CBC Radio One, 1010 AM and 99.1 FM.  

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