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Adrienne Lamb
Host/Producer | Our Edmonton

CBC Edmonton's Adrienne Lamb does double duty as the Host/Producer of Our Edmonton on CBC TV and as a radio reporter, for the morning show, Edmonton AM. Her work is also frequently heard on the network, including featured documentaries about the economy, the military, and the environment.

Adrienne is a talented and creative storyteller who enjoys talking with real people and is excited that as Host/Producer of Our Edmonton she has a platform to tell their stories and engage with the community.

Adrienne is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a degree in English and Anthropology and a Masters in Journalism.

She served for several years as CBC Radio's national arts reporter in Edmonton. Prior to moving to Edmonton in 2001, Adrienne worked at CBC Radio in Ontario and New Brunswick.

She is especially interested in stories that are connected to business and land/agriculture, as evidenced by her award-winning coverage of the BSE crisis (known as Mad Cow Disease). Adrienne has also been honoured with both regional (2011) and national (2012) RTDNA awards. In 2011 for Homefront, a national special about how Edmonton has changed during the war in Afghanistan and in 2012 for best use of sound in a documentary, CEO of Snow, about a group of boys building their dream fort. 

Adrienne is particularly adept at generating original story ideas and exploring the news from a unique perspective. 

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