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Adrienne Arsenault
Senior Correspondent | The National

Emmy-award winning senior corresponent Adrienne Arsenault may be based in Toronto but she is on the move a lot. Previously, Arsenault was CBC-TV's London correspondent, a position she took up in the fall of 2006 after having spent three and a half years in Jerusalem. Before that, Washington, D.C. was her home for two and a half years. Arsenault has also, at times, called Vancouver and Toronto her "home base" in her various postings with the CBC. She joined the CBC in 1991 as an editorial assistant.

Over the years and across the continents, Arsenault's assignments have included disasters, conflicts, politics, sports and basic human dramas. Arsenault won a 2015 International Emmy for her work covering the Ebola crisis. She was named the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association's Journalist of the Year in 2006. She has won two Gracie awards for outstanding female correspondent, a Monte Carlo Festival award for her coverage of the Zimbabwe election, several Gemini Awards and Canadian Screen Awards. And she keeps telling people she has a crush on her job.

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