Won’t Get Fooled Again

For the first time, Marketplace runs the scams instead of exposing them, and asks "Why do you fall for it?"

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Debt Collector Dread

Debt collection can be a ferocious business, and while many collectors play by the rules, what happens when they don't?

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Busted: Visa Gift Card

We’ve heard many complaints from viewers about a certain kind of gift card that are issued by banks.

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The Debt Trap

If you’re in debt and struggling to get your personal finances on track, whom do you turn to?

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Lawless Loans

As big banks crack down on credit, loads of loan companies pop up online. Seems anyone gets approved. And as Erica Johnson reveals, seems everyone gets ripped off.

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How Not To Win $500,000

Many Canadians are playing the Reader’s Digest sweepstakes and spent thousands, thinking they're days away from winning the big prize.

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BIM: Easy Money

Canadians are buying into new schemes that promise fast cash through high-return investments, but are they legit?

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Penny Pain

Enjoying the GST cut? Of course you are. The bad news is that you're not getting all the pennies you're entitled to.

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Condo Crunch

Buying a condo is fraught with risk for you, the buyer. The developers? They're pretty well protected.

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