Canada’s Restaurant Secrets

Marketplace goes undercover in some of your favourite chains to reveal Canada's Restaurant Secrets. Celebrity chef Roger Mooking joins us for a crash course in kitchen hygiene in our special one-hour season finale.

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The Trouble With Turkeys & Spot Check: Social Media

Erica Johnson investigates turkey and reveals the darker side of white meat. Undercover footage shows what one activist calls "the worst abuse I've ever seen inflicted on an animal," raising troubling questions about animal welfare on Canadian farms. Also, Tom Harrington enlists a popular prankster to surprise Canadians with personal information they've shared on social media. How exposed are you on social media?

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Farther, Faster, Fitter?

Can sport products make us push farther, run faster, become fitter? We’re holding our own trials and asking some of Canada’s greatest Olympians what works for them. Clara Hughes and Simon Whitfield join co-host Tom Harrington as Marketplace digs into the world of sports drinks, performance foods and specialized athletic gear.

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Food Secrets

It's a shopping trip you won’t want to miss.

We’re doing some testing - and about to reveal secrets behind the food lots of us buy every week. Erica Johnson and Tom Harrington will reveal food secrets that just may change the way you eat.

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