BROADCAST DATE : Apr 2, 2010

Busted: Easyhome

Many Canadians are unable to buy with cash or credit, so they turn to rent-to-own leasing companies like easyhome.

When you walk in, easyhome looks just like any other furniture store the only difference is the prices are by the week. The weekly prices make it all sound so affordable: nine dollars a week for a table set, sofas from 17 dollars a week, and stoves for just 12 dollars a week.

But we do the math, and discover the hidden costs at easyhome. The base prices on products can be much higher than regular retail prices, and then a high-rate of interest is added to that amount.

In some cases, when comparable retail prices are used, it's like paying up to 512 per cent interest on a product.

As Erica Johnson reveals, its not easy getting the real story behind the prices at easyhome.