Update : Air Canada Busted

When we originally aired this story, Air Canada told us that improving on-time performance was a priority for the airline. In an e-mail to Marketplace, we were told: "Air Canada is now engaged in a company-wide, on-time-performance initiative that is resulting in continuous improvement in this area."

So two months later, we wanted to know: Are they delivering on the promise to get us where we're going on time?

As we originally reported, Air Canada had the worst on-time performance of any major airline in 2012 according to FlightStats, a company that tracks on-time performance across the airline industry. Almost 40% of all Air Canada's 2012 flights got to their destination late.

Turns out, things are getting better. According to FlightStats, for the period of January to May 2013, the number of late flights had decreased to almost 30%, with 69.2% arriving on time. Which means that Air Canada has started to turn things around: when it comes to its on-time arrival record, it's no longer the worst performer among major international airlines.