Snack smart: Cheat sheet

Here are some tips by registered dietitian Leslie Beck on how you can avoid being tricked the next time you’re out shopping for munchies.

Don’t put all your trust in trendy sounding buzzwords.
“There is no superfood,” Beck says. “There's no one food that's gonna stave off disease and keep you healthy. I mean, it's really your overall diet that matters.”

Take a good look at the ingredients.
“Ingredients are listed in descending order by weight,” she says. “So the higher up they are on the ingredient list, the more of them you're going to get per serving of the food. And that's going to give you a clue to know whether that food has a lot of fibre, too much sugar, (or) not a lot of protein.”

Read Nutrition Facts Table for the basics.
The big things to watch out for are  calories, sugar, sodium and protein.

Check the serving size on the back of the package.
“You have to really look at that because if you're eating a bag of chips, that might be eight servings, or more,” Beck says.  Remember, not all serving sizes make intuitive sense, so you sometimes have to do the math to make sure that mid-afternoon pick-me-up doesn’t just pack on the pounds.