Old Folks and the Market: a poem

Our financial advisers report, Show Me The Money, provoked a lot of viewer reaction. We saw a lot of Facebook comments, Tweets and emails from people sharing their own stories, complaints and opinions. But Janet Chapman of Lund, B.C. offered a more poetic opinion.


Old Folks and the Market

They had their money stuffed away,
meant to be there for a rainy day.

Their financial advisor said: “No need for alarm,
your money’s diversified and will come to no harm.
You have stocks and bonds and mutual funds,
your money will double in the years to come”.

Those years passed by as quick as a wink.
that they needed to question those bankers in charge,
because the bank’s profits had been very large.

It was time to retire and enjoy their last years;
to spend what was promised without any fears.
Time to cash in on investments they made,
so they went to the bank to withdraw their nest egg.

The financial advisor was nowhere in sight,
and they found out the hard way their money took flight
They hadn’t worried and didn’t think

an original poem by Janet Chapman