Know your Flight Rights

If your flight doesn’t go as expected, there are generally two sources that you can turn to for protection: an airline`s tariff (which is its contract with you, and can vary between carriers), and an international treaty called the Montreal Convention. Here are some points to help you if things go PLANE WRONG.

If you’re BUMPED from a flight - most Canadian airlines must offer you cash compensation - so if you don’t want that voucher, tell them. For Air Canada it’s up to $800. The other guys, $1,300. Check the airlines tariffs for hours and amounts.

If your LUGGAGE is DELAYED or LOST on an international flight - you may be entitled to spend about $1900. For domestic flights it varies by carrier. Keep your expenses reasonable. And when your luggage does show up, the airline is required to deliver those bags to you.

If you’re STUCK on the TARMAC for more than 90 minutes - as long as it’s safe - you can ask to DISEMBARK the major Canadian carriers.

If your international FLIGHT is DELAYED you may be able to claim those out-of-pocket expenses. It’s in the Montreal Convention (article 22).

If you’re UNSATISFIED with how the airline handled your complaint - you can take it up with the Canadian Transportation Agency

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