Hotels respond

Marketplace's sweeping hotel test covered six chains: EconoLodge, Super 8, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Fairmont and Sheraton. We contacted all six, plus the Hotel Association of Canada for their responses.  

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Sheraton (Starwood Hotels)

The Sheraton Centre Toronto was thankful to learn that CBC Marketplace’s recent visit to our hotel demonstrated notable improvements in certain maintenance and cleanliness areas.  However, we were surprised and disappointed that your findings reflected a less than perfect level of cleanliness in three of our guest rooms.  After CBC Marketplace’s initial visit to our hotel, we engaged in an extensive retraining of our housekeeping and engineering teams.  In addition to stressing the importance of daily protocols and supervisory checks, the housekeeping department implemented rotational deep cleaning checklists while the engineering department increased its audits of preventative maintenance practices.  Given your recent findings, we have met with all relevant groups of our associates to reinforce our housekeeping best practices and to ensure that we are providing a clean and comfortable environment for our guests.

Holiday Inn (InterContinental Hotels Group)

IHG, owner of the Holiday Inn® brand, takes this report by CBC Marketplace very seriously. The health, safety and comfort of our guests and employees are our top priority and concern. The Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre is independently owned and operated, and the license agreement requires this hotel to comply with all governmental laws and regulations, including those regarding the health and safety of employees and guests. The hotel has conducted training sessions on cleaning procedures and practices for the entire staff, and continues to do so on a regular basis.


Super 8 (Wyndham)

As one of the world’s largest hotel franchises, we strive to ensure that each of our independently owned and operated hotels provide a safe and comfortable stay for each and every guest.

In response to the CBC findings from late last year, we took immediate action by following-up with the owners of the hotels visited by the organization. Separately, we launched a new, comprehensive housekeeping training program for all of our hotels throughout North America. This ongoing program, which is combination of e-learning modules and on-site training, complements our existing quality assurance program.

As is always the case, we appreciate the CBC sharing their findings. We will continue to work with owners to improve our customers’ experience.

- Christine Da Silva, vice president, Marketing Communications, Wyndham Hotel Group


Fairmont (Royal York)

The comfort and well-being of guests is a top priority at Fairmont and we remain committed to providing all of our customers with an exceptional stay experience, which includes a clean, comfortable and safe environment. In particular, guestroom cleanliness is a critical component of our operations and we are proud of our stringent, brand-wide housekeeping standards, which ensure we deliver on this important guest expectation.

Some of Fairmont’s proactive measures related to guestroom cleanliness include comprehensive on-site training, ongoing educational sessions and frequent webinars; swab analysis and high touch point cleaning protocols for specific items such as telephones, remote controls, handles and light switches; dishwasher sanitization of in-room glassware; the use of microfibre cloths and powerful disinfectants; surprise room inspections and consistent spot checks; regular filter maintenance and de-limeing of ice machines; ongoing follow up and product usage analysis; regular housekeeping audits and more.

We were pleased to hear about positive progress in our overall cleanliness results as we place great emphasis on the consistent delivery of our industry leading standards. We also recognize that Marketplace’s follow up report identified opportunities for further improvement. We consider any breach of our housekeeping standards and procedures a serious violation of our operating practices and will ensure additional training and instruction is provided to hotels and colleagues not adhering to our stringent guidelines.


Econolodge (Choice Hotels)

At Choice Hotels Canada we are committed to achieving the highest standard of both cleanliness and service. We are pleased that improvements have been made, and we continue to make a rigorous effort to ensure the most stringent standards and practices, training and monitoring. Maintaining and improving the quality of the hotel properties within our franchise network remains our top priority.

- Tim Oldfield, managing director – franchise performance, Choice Hotels Canada


Hotel Association of Canada

The health, safety, and welfare of our guests has always been and continues to remain our top priority.


Best Western International

Best Western did not provide a statement.