Government investigation into Weed Man

The Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services conducted an investigation of Turf Operations Scarborough Inc., doing business as "Weed Man," after receiving hundreds of complaints from consumers about its business practices.

In its investigation, the Ministry found that "Weed Man" was engaging in practices which could be identified as potential contraventions of the Consumer Protection Act, 2002, including a failure to provide consumers with written contracts and renewing contracts after the first year of service without approval from the customer. Weed Man Scarborough was ordered to cease the following practices:

  • Requiring consumers to pay money without clear consent from the consumers that the service was requested (section 45)
  • Providing written contracts that do not comply fully with the disclosure requirements of the Act (section 46), and
  • Renewing contracts inappropriately in violation of the Act (section 13)

For the full text please read the May 18, 2011 Compliance Order (pdf).

Source: http://www.sse.gov.on.ca/mcs/en/Pages/charges_lawn_care_sacrborough.aspx

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