Canada’s Dumbest Charge: Paper bill and statement fees


Why Jason thinks that paper bill and statement fees are Canada's Dumbest Charge:
“All this is is proof that I received a service. You can’t charge me for that,” says Jason. “Why would you pay to find out how much you owe?”

Who gets dinged:
Most customers who receive paper statements from their bank or telecom company. The most common fee is $2 a month, though some companies charge up to $5.90 per bill. The federal government promised to crack down on some fees last year, but the proposal applies only to telecommunications companies and the government has yet to introduce new legislation. The Royal Bank of Canada is the only major bank that does not charge for monthly paper statements for personal banking customers.

How companies justify the fee:

Maura Drew-Lytle, Director, Media Relations and Communications, for the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) says that statement fees help keep costs down for all customers. Many of the major telecommunications companies also said the fee has an environmental benefit, as it encourages consumers to use less paper. Both the CBA and major telecommunications companies told Marketplace that customers can avoid the charge if they get statements and bills online.

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