Behind the scenes: Licence to Deceive

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Behind the scenes of our test: Why did we make up Nighton?

We wanted to find out how much evidence Health Canada required to license a product making serious health claims.

So we decided to make up a children’s pain and fever remedy, the kind that parents reach for every day on drugstore shelves when their child is sick.

We called our product Nighton, which is an anagram of the word “Nothing.”

Because we had no scientific evidence that it worked.

All that Health Canada required to give it a DIN-HM licence was that we filled out an application form. For evidence, we photocopied five pages from a 1902 homeopathic reference book, John Henry Clarke’s Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica.

We submitted our application in May, 2014. It was licensed by Health Canada as a “safe and effective” treatment for fever, pain and inflammation in October.

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