Now in its 41st season, Marketplace continues to be the CBC's highest-rated television current affairs series. Whether it is a slick scam, misleading marketing claim, a product that could put your health at risk, or maddening customer service, Marketplace weeds out wrongdoing against Canadians, and puts pressure on people in power to set things right.

We get at the heart of the story by pursuing our own original tests -- whether it's a laboratory test, or something a little more creative that has the unique Marketplace stamp. Our stories can take months to produce but it's worth it: this is television that touches Canadians' lives. Our work often stirs companies and governments to change their policies, products and regulations.

Hosts and seasoned reporters Erica Johnson and Tom Harrington, backed up by a creative team of passionate journalists and storytellers, dig up the real story to bring about fairness and change. Each episode puts the consumer experience to the test, backed up by the rigorous research of the Marketplace team, insider secrets, and when appropriate, with hidden cameras.

Highlights from this award-winning series range include investigations into cellphone bills, hospital hygiene, home contractors, stolen cars, and the ground-breaking Chasing the Cancer Answer, former host Wendy Mesley's investigation into cancer rates.



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