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2012 Year in Review Quiz

Test your knowledge of Maritimes news with our annual news quiz

Posted: December 21, 2012

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  1. What university professor was asked by the New Brunswick government to lead a consultation process into proposed shale gas regulations?
    1. Donald Savoie
    2. Don Desserud
    3. Louis Lapierre
    4. Tom Bateman
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  2. After an on-again, off-again weekend, a last-minute twist saved a deal to reopen the former NewPage Port Hawkesbury paper mill in Point Tupper. How long did the government of Nova Scotia estimate it will take to earn back its part of the investment?
    1. 9 years
    2. 12 years
    3. 20 years
    4. 24 years
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  3. What kind of trouble were some teenagers getting into at this summer's Cavendish Beach Musical Festival?
    1. Using fake IDs
    2. Climbing on the stage during the show
    3. Rowdy parties at the campground
    4. Sneaking on to the festival site without tickets
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  4. How much did Tiny the cat weigh when he was dropped off at the Fredericton SPCA last December?
    1. 30 pounds
    2. 35 pounds
    3. 25 pounds
    4. 33 pounds
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  5. The Halifax mayoralty race was thrown for a loop when a family started campaigning for their cat, Tuxedo Stan, to take over the top job in the city. What was Stan's platform?
    1. Better health care for all species
    2. Investing in better transportation
    3. Sharpening the actions of councillors
    4. Creating a cat bylaw in HRM to have animals spayed and neutered
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  6. What novel job-creation scheme attracted attention in Souris this year?
    1. A government ditch-filling program
    2. A home-renovation subsidy
    3. A property owner offering cheap rent on a factory
    4. Tourism trails construction
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  7. What does Erica Richards believe caused a disease that made her go blind?
    1. Lightning bolt
    2. Pigeon feces
    3. Rare blood disorder
    4. Exposure to asbestos
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  8. A student in Lunenburg County was suspended after he repeatedly wore a T-shirt that contained which phrase?
    1. F.C.U.K.
    2. Life is Wasted without Jesus
    3. The end is near
    4. Burn the school down
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  9. What U.S. sitcom did P.E.I. actress Martha MacIsaac land a role in this year?
    1. 1600 Penn
    2. The New Normal
    3. Last Man Standing
    4. Partners
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  10. Jacques Mallet shot a 90-pound animal in the Acadian Peninsula in April. What animal do scientists believe it was?
    1. Small bear
    2. Large dog
    3. Coyote
    4. Wolf
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  11. A group of young campers had to be rescued by the Canadian Coast Guard after they claimed they were swarmed by what animal in the woods outside Baddeck?
    1. coyotes
    2. bears
    3. wolves
    4. moose
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  12. Three hundred UPEI students were told this year they may have contracted HIV during a biology lab. What was the estimated risk of infection for any individual student?
    1. One in 100
    2. One in 10,000
    3. One in 1 million
    4. One in ten million
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  13. What former Progressive Conservative MLA and cabinet minister quit politics to take a new job at Efficiency New Brunswick this year?
    1. Michael Malley
    2. Margaret-Ann Blaney
    3. Brenda Fowlie
    4. Tony Huntjens
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  14. A teenager escaped from a home in Upper Chelsea wearing only a sweater, hat and chains around his ankles and wrists in September. He told police he'd been held for more than a week. How many people were charged in connection with the case?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four
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  15. What new job at the Charlottetown Harbour Authority was created to make visits more pleasant for cruise ship passengers?
    1. Island tourism host
    2. Seagull chaser
    3. Piper
    4. Tourism ombudsman
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  16. Google Canada featured what iconic New Brunswick image on its home page this year?
    1. The giant Shediac lobster
    2. The Nackawic Axe
    3. The Hartland Covered Bridge
    4. The Miscou Lighthouse
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  17. The restored Bluenose II was launched in Lunenburg harbour in September, but what part of the ship had not yet been attached?
    1. The flag
    2. The rudder
    3. The steering wheel
    4. The masts
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  18. A new home built in North Rustico was unusual because
    1. it was more than five storeys
    2. it was made entirely of glass
    3. it could rotate
    4. it had a thatched roof
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  19. Teens from what community created a parody video to showcase their hometown?
    1. Sussex
    2. Perth-Andover
    3. Campbellton
    4. Edmundston
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  20. Residents in the Halifax Regional Municipality began small-scale protests after the city removed what from their neighbourhoods?
    1. Crosswalks
    2. Parking spaces
    3. Playgrounds
    4. Sidewalks
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  21. What was being distributed in P.E.I. schools that drew a complaint from a parent?
    1. Bibles
    2. Condoms
    3. Chocolate
    4. Retail coupons
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  22. What New Brunswick mayor followed the lead of Clint Eastwood by lecturing an empty chair this year?
    1. Bathurst Mayor Stephen Brunet
    2. Saint John Mayor Mel Norton
    3. Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside
    4. Saint Andrews Mayor Stanley Choptiany
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  23. For the first time ever, two Halifax Mooseheads players made Canada's World Junior Hockey team. Who made the cut?
    1. Zach Fucale and Jonathan Drouin
    2. Brian Lovell and Zach Fucale
    3. Nathan MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin
    4. Nathan MacKinnon and Max Lindsay
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  24. Where at UPEI did a fox take shelter this year?
    1. In a basement classroom
    2. In the campus bar
    3. In a tree
    4. In a biology lab
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  25. Who is New Brunswick’s highest paid university president?
    1. Mount Allison University’s Robert Campbell
    2. St. Thomas University’s Dawn Russell
    3. University of Moncton’s Raymond Théberge
    4. University of New Brunswick’s Eddy Campbell
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  26. The provincial government is looking for a new operator for a Yarmouth ferry to Maine. How much will taxpayers invest in the project?
    1. $21 million over 7 years
    2. $7 million over 10 years
    3. $15 million over 2 years
    4. $17 million over 5 years
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  27. What ‘Act of God’ killed 19 cows this summer?
    1. Lightning
    2. Flood
    3. Earthquake
    4. Locusts
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  28. It was the wettest September on record in Nova Scotia. Parts of Colchester County were devastated as rivers overflowed their banks. How did some people escape their flooding homes?
    1. Riding on a front-end loader
    2. Boats
    3. Walking
    4. All of the above
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