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Kalin Mitchell's Top Five Maritime Weather Stories of 2012

Posted: December 28, 2012

Here in the Maritimes we are subject to some of the most varied and powerful weather in North America. In a single year we can experience powerful winter storm, hurricanes, heat waves, and floods. As a meteorologist I have a keen interest in studying and documenting these events in order to improve my understanding of our weather and how it behaves. The following are what I considered to be 5 of the most impactful weather events here in the Maritimes for the calendar year of 2012.


Historic March Heat

After a mild winter a powerful high pressure system set itself up off the Atlantic coastline of the United Sates driving warm air from the Gulf States into the Maritimes. Daily high temperature records fell by the dozens on March 20th as temperatures soared into the mid to high 20’s. The days only grew hotter through until the 23rd. Halifax, Fredericton, and Charlottetown all set all time March high temperature records.

The heat came to an end Friday March 23rd after a cold front swept through the Maritimes bringing in cooler northwest winds.

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