Phone-In Regulars

  • Bob Bancroft

    Bob Bancroft's earliest and very blurry recollection - at the age of six months - is of a live fish in the kitchen sink. His focus gradually widened to include wildlife research & management studies on bugs, birds, mammals, fish & plants, using writing, teaching & photography for public education.

    He became a regular on CBC Radio in 1986 with a Wildlife series on Maritime Noon that persisted in spite of his sense of humour. With interests that span just about everything in nature (and the sink) Bob lives in a self-designed home surrounded by woods & wildlife near Pomquet Harbour, in eastern Nova Scotia.

  • Rosemary Beckett

    Rosemary Beckett was born a collector. Thanks to her mother's love of bygone times, Rosemary grew up loving antiques & collectibles - everything from rare china to tickets for Beatles concert.

    After High School in Escondido, California, Rosemary returned home to Nova Scotia to attend the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. Then, she started her own antique shop. Rosemary is a popular guest expert at Antique Road Shows around the Maritimes (which she attends with her mother), giving information & valuations.

    You can contact Rosemary at:

  • Doug Bethune

    Doug's parents dreaded purchasing toys for him, because the first thing he did was take them apart to see what made them tick (putting them back together again was another story...).

    Prior to high school, Doug studied a correspondence course in Auto Mechanics which he obtained from his Uncle Lew Barclay - an airline pilot who use to own Lew's Garage in Truro. The course was copyrighted in 1944, so Doug is well grounded in the history of automotive matters !

    Doug graduated from the Halifax Vocational school and took his first job at Lou Dauphinee's Wheel Alignment in Halifax. He finally settled in at the Nova Scotia Community College where he taught Automotive Techonology for 27 years.

    Doug retired in 2002 and is now a consultant on forensic automotive issues involving the legal & insurance industries.

  • Eric Carnegy

    Dr. Eric Carnegy is a 1977 graduate of the University of Guelph and has practiced in Halifax since graduation. Dr. "C" is dedicated to the well-being and treatment of all companion animals.

    In October of 1995 he opened the Carnegy Animal Hospital, a full service veterinary facility designed for the care of pets, where they and their human companions feel welcome in the open concept design. Dr. Carnegy has always been strongly involved in community service to the pet community - in particular to SPCA societies both locally & provincially.

    With two children now in university and having moved to a lovely lakefront home, Dr. Carnegy continues his joy of gardening as well as skiing, kayaking and spending time with the family dogs on long treks through the woodlands.

    After 27 years of practicing veterinary medicine, he has embarked on taking "real" vacations - vacations that don't involve continuing education and meetings! This could become a regular occurrence.

  • Art Irwin

    Art often jokingly suggests that he's been around since before heat was invented, but in fact he joined Maritime Noon in 1988 and has been answering questions about heating, insulation, ventilation & energy conservation ever since.

    For 18 years, Art was Energy Advisor with the Nova Scotia government. He has served on many provincial & national committees developing standardsand codes, and is the author of "Understanding Hydronic Heating". In 1995, he joined Kerr Controls Limited.

    Has our heating consultant warmed up to other pursuits? Absolutely. He's been a jazz drummer for more than forty years & fondly recalls a dream Caribbean Jazz Cruise that featured Oscar Peterson, Milt Jackson, Joe Williams, Nat Adderley and other greats. Cool!

    Art retired in 2002 and has set up his own Energy Consulting Practice in Halifax.

  • Jim Lindner

    Jim Lindner is known internationally for the techniques he pioneered that are now commonly used for videotape restoration. He's overseen the video restoration of such collections as the NBC News Archive, The Library of Congress, The Metropolitan Opera, and The Andy Warhol Foundation.

    Jim offers expert advice on how to preserve your personal audio-visual collection, and to migrate it to digital form.

    When he's not summering in the Maritimes, he works with Media Matters in New York. Jim finished a spectacular project this summer - the restoration of the former St Mark's Church on the banks of the beautiful La Have River in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. You can see the results:

  • Terry Punch

    Terry is a lifelong student of history & sometime addict of genealogy. He is an accredited  Canadian genealogist who specializes in immigration from Ireland, Germany & Montbeliard.

    Terry also investigates the origins of surnames. His other keen interests include people-watching, motorcycling, swimming, hiking & reading. Terry received an honourary doctorate from Saint Mary's University in May 2000.

    Terry has provided the following genealogy website links:

    • Free online Irish church records -
    The web site dedicated to helping you search for records of family history. This site offers over 1.3 million pre-1900 church records free of charge. includes the Central Signposting Index (C.S.I.). The C.S.I. contains links to other resources with over 3 million genealogical records.

    • This site is hosted by the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism. So far there are 1,334,000 Church records of Baptism, Marriage and Death available to view on this website. Of these, 734,000 Church records are from Dublin City and 600,000 from Kerry. The Department is collaborating with Carlow County Library and Cork County Library in the completion of their Church records which will soon be available to view at this site.

    • Ireland to America Passenger Lists:

    • Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick:

    • County Clare Online Databases:

    • "I Dream of Genealogy" - Irish Genealogy Databases:

    • CMC Irish County Databases:

    • Irish Genealogical Research Society:

    • County Cork Information: a href="">

    • Registry of Deeds Indexing Project:

    • Irish Family History Groups by County:

    • List of Parishes in Northern Ireland:

    • An Cumann; the Irish Association of Nova Scotia:

    • Irish Population Lists (census, etc.):

  • Mary Sue Waisman

    Mary Sue Waisman has dedicated her professional career to making nutrition come alive through food. She practiced dietetics for more than 20 years, earning a Masters degree and winning several professional achievement awards. She then decided to enter the culinary world to blend two important careers.

    Since graduating at the top of her culinary class, she has devoted her time to writing and speaking about food, cooking, and nutrition to many audiences, including teaching a wide range of cooking classes.

    Mary Sue has written two successful cookbooks, and her passion is food-to read about it, write about it, speak about it, cook it, and of course, eat it!

    Her long-standing belief, now based on evidence, is that sitting down to a dinner table with family and friends is valuable - you not only nourish your body through delicious food, but have the chance to savour conversation,share stories and impart values.

  • Richard Wassersug

    Dr. Richard Wassersug is a Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology in the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University. He also holds academic appointments in Dalhousie's Department of Biology and School of Physiotherapy. Over the years he has taught human anatomy, zoology, and evolutionary biology. He has been the "Weird and Wonderful Science" columnist for the "" science news show on the Discovery Channel since it began.

    Richard's first love in science was paleontology and he published his first scientific paper, on a fossil toad, while he was still in high school. Since then Richard has published more than 150 research articles based on his studies of fishes, frogs, salamanders, snakes, turtles, rodents, and bats. But by far Richard's favorite research animals are tadpoles.

    In the 1990s Richard studied tadpoles raised in space, on NASA's Space Shuttle and on an unmanned Russian satellite, and much of Richard's research now focuses on space biology. Indeed, over the last two summers he held a Visiting Scholar's post at the Center for the Advanced Studies in the Space Life Sciences, at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

    Mary Anne White

    Mary Anne White enjoys two of her lifelong interests - teaching and learning - as University Research Professor of Chemistry and Physics at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

    For details on her research interests, visit her page on the Dalhouse University Department of Chemistry site. Originally from London, Ontario, Mary Anne has called Halifax home since 1983.

    Mary Anne also is very involved in bringing science to the general public. She is a frequent visitor to schools, has co-authored two booklets on chemistry for young children, and was on the Board of Directors that established Discovery Centre in Halifax in 1990.

    Mary Anne has made numerous televison appearances (Discovery Channel), and other radio contributions (Quirks & Quarks). Her most memorable lecture was to Members of Parliament and Members of Senate in Ottawa, at a Bacon & Egghead Breakfast.

  • Jim White

    Jim White is owner and operator of Lake City Paints on Main Street in Dartmouth. His knowledge of all things pertaining to painting and decorating comes from having spent thirty years with James F. Lahey Limited, one of the oldest and most respected painting firms in Nova Scotia.

    Jim has been retained as a consultant by federal, provincial, and municipal goverments, and has written painting specifications for large projects.

    A self described "Cape Breton Newfoundlander", Jim claims he only says something sensible when he can't think of something foolish quickly enough.

    Jim can be found on the worldwide web at

  • Marjorie Willison

    Marjorie Willison is Maritime Noon's popular expert on gardening. From spring through the autumn harvest, she calms the anxieties of gardeners coping with everything from reluctant roses to voracious bugs. And in the winter, she helps them plan for the next season.

    Marjorie believes in a holistic approach to garden problems: no weed killers or chemical sprays for her. Her favourite remedy is to "dig in a little well-rotted manure or compost" to improve the organic quality of the soil. Marjorie picked up her love of plants as a child, helping out in the family gardens in Alberta.

    Since arriving in the Maritimes in the early 70s, she & her husband have been avid gardeners. Apart from her appearances on Maritime Noon, Marjorie has written a couple of gardening books. The latest is the "East Coast Gardener".

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