Costas Halavrezos - Host


Costas was born on Boxing Day in Saint John, New Brunswick, where his parents operated "Nick's Coffee Counter". The busy short-order restaurant was the perfect training ground for public broadcasting as Costas met people from all walks of life and read all the latest newspapers, magazines, paperbacks and comic books for free.

Costas studied physics at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, but after earning a B.Sc., he returned to take a year of Arts courses. If the St. F.X. Jazz Program had been offered back then, he'd probably have ended up playing in a smoky club 'Round midnight instead of hosting a radio show 'Round Noon.

Costas began freelancing for CBC Radio in the mid-70s and was hired as a producer in Saint John in 1978. In 1982,he began hosting the local 4-6 show. From 1985-87, he worked with CBC Radio in Quebec City. Aside from duties on the daily shows, he wrote and hosted the network program Radio Active, which showcased music and performers of the Francophone world.

Costas made the return trip to the East Coast in 1987, and has been living happily ever after with the Maritime Noon team. He's been a guest host on such network programs as Cross-Country Checkup, As It Happens and Media File. In the run-up to the 2004 Olympics, he wrote & presented ten documentaries on contemporary Greece.

He loves pickup basketball, playing bass with The BBQ Kings (a rootsy, rockin' dance band) and tending his grapevines in downtown Dartmouth.

Deborah Woolway


Deborah took the long way round to Maritime Noon, and is very pleased to be producing the show.

Deb started her career with CBC in Saint John, New Brunswick, when she walked into the station and asked if she could freelance. She took three weeks to complete her first piece & was paid $67. Realizing that she was never going to make a living that way, she returned to university, and got a journalism degree from Carleton, where she and two other students were promptly (and unsuccessfully) sued for libel and slander for trying to address the issue of sexual harassment on campus.

After graduation, Deb worked as a casual CBC employee for several years. Then her position was converted into a permanent one. The thought of working a steady gig so unnerved her, she quit & spent a year backpacking throughout the South Pacific & Asia. She reports that she was in Shanghai when it only had one skyscraper.

Her hilarious adventures & hair-raising close calls prepared her well to hack a path through the jungles of the CBC. She returned to the Maritimes to take a job in radio news at CBC Halifax, focusing on legal issues. Deb was awarded the prestigious Scales of Justice Award from the Canadian Bar Association and the Law Reform Commission of Canada for her coverage of the public inquiry into the wrongful conviction of Donald Marshall Junior. She became the Senior Editor of the Halifax Radio newsroom, and, among other things, directed news coverage of the Westray Mine disaster. In her tenure as the Executive Producer of News and Current Affairs, she led CBC Radio Halifax through the Swiss Air Tragedy, Hurricane Juan, and too many elections to mention, and helped guide the station to excellent ratings and fistfuls of journalism awards. She abandoned the corner office in 2006, when she came to her senses and joined Maritime Noon.

Deb, her husband, their two children & two cats live in Dartmouth near the shores of lovely Lake Banook.