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Tire Pressure, Yard Sales, U2 in Springhill, Your Feedback

Posted by Maritime Noon

Find out how much money you can save by driving with properly inflated tires. More of your thoughts on building a sustainable health care system. Some amazing stories about yard sale finds. Your feedback on the price of organics. Plus, Springhill's ode to U2.

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More Information About Organic Food...

Posted by Maritime Noon

Canadian Organic Growers http://www.cog.ca/

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada http://www.agr.gc.ca/index_e.php

Acorn Nova Scotia http://www.acornorganic.org/nationalstandards.html

More on Making Health Care Sustainable & Is It Worth Paying for Organics?

Posted by Maritime Noon

NB doctor and former health minister Dennis Furlong weighs in on the question of sustainable health care. Plus, more of your suggestions on how to save money in the system. Also we ask if the higher cost of organic food is worth the price.
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Don't Blame Seniors: What Would You Sacrifice to Save Health Care Dollars?

Posted by Maritime Noon

The grey tsumani is coming, and health care costs are expected to increase along with it. In this episode, we hear from experts who challenge that assumption and suggest we ALL need to make sacrifices to save money. We also hear your suggestions for how we might trim the fat. Plus, your feedback on everything from the state of Canadian politics to mercury fillings.
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Research on the Health Care Question...

Posted by Maritime Noon

Health policy analyst Michael Rachlis has published many articles, reports and a book on health care sustainability. Find a link to some of his work here: http://www.michaelrachlis.com/publications.php

Future of NDP, Mercury Facts, Bathurst Film Controversy, Your Feedback

Posted by Maritime Noon

We ask about the future of the NDP, and the state of politics in Canada, following Jack Layton's decision to take a temporary leave of absence. Two mercury experts answer your questions. A mother in Bathurst reacts to a decision by a local film company to make a movie about the death of her son and his basketball teammates. Plus, your thoughts on the Oslo killings and the Somalia famine.
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Norwegian Tragedy, Future of Multiculturalism, Preserving Film, Photos & Audio

Posted by Maritime Noon

A survivor explains how she escaped the shooting at a camp in Norway. We ask what Canadians can learn from the tragedy, especially when it comes to tolerance for multiculturalism. Plus, tips for preserving film, photos and audio.
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PEI Doctor Contracts, Gardening Qs, Elton John Fans, Your Feedback

Posted by Maritime Noon

PEI Health tries to re-offer contracts to 24 doctors on the island, but it may be too late. Your feedback on the possibility of a lower minimum wage in NB for servers who make tips. Marjorie Willison on gardening. Plus, meet an Elton John fan who lined up all night in Summerside for concert tickets.
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Two-Tier Minimum Wage in NB, House Painting Tips, Your Feedback

Posted by Maritime Noon

We debate NB's decision to consider a lower minimum wage for restaurant servers who earn tips. Jim White answers your house painting questions. Plus, your feedback on bike lanes and the famine in Somalia.
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Staycation Suggestions for PEI

Posted by Maritime Noon

Free Hiking Trails

  • North Cape Nature Trail
  • Breadalbane Nature Trail
  • Winter River Trail
  • Dromore Woodland Trail
  • Boughton River Trail
  • Gairloch Road Trail
  • Forest Hill and Equestrian Trail

Other Sights

  • Founder's Hall in Charlottetown
  • Free- Sound and Light show at Province House National Historic Site at dusk.
  • Free -Young Company performing 'The Talking Stick' about Canadian Aborginals 12:00 noon everyday except Sunday at the Confederation Center outdoor theatre, if it is raining they move inside to Memorial Hall.
  • Free - Confederation Landing
  • Free - Macphail Woods Ecological Project in Orwell.

Authentic PEI Experiences

  • Orwell Corner Village
  • Free - Bike along the new cycling/walking pathways at the National Parks.
  • Chocolate Factory in Victoria-by-the-Sea.
  • Free - Basin Head Beach near Souris.
  • Jacques Cartier Provincial Park (great camping).
  • Free - Argyle Shore Provincial Day Park.
  • Dalvay by the Sea (in the National Park) - particularly good for the senior visitor.
  • Free - Cavendish Grove - Trails to Cavendish Beach.

For more information, visit: http://www.tourismpei.com/

Staycation Suggestions for Nova Scotia

Posted by Maritime Noon

10 "Must-See" Beaches (Easy):

  • Point Michaud Beach, Richmond County
  • Cabot Landing Provincial Park, Victoria County
  • Main-à-Dieu Shore, CBRM
  • Merigomish Beach, Pictou County
  • Partridge Island Beach, Cumberland County
  • Taylor Head Provincial Park. HRM
  • Martinique Beach, HRM
  • Crescent Beach. Lunenburg County
  • Hawk Beach, Shelburne County
  • Mavillette Beach, Digby County

Ten "Must-See" Beaches (Effort Required):

  • Winging Point, CBRM
  • Fishing Cove, Inverness County
  • Polletts Cove, Inverness County
  • Capelin Cove, Richmond County
  • Refugee Cove, Cumberland County
  • Canso Coastal Barrens Wilderness Area, Guysborough County
  • Hangman's Beach, HRM
  • Wolfes Island, HRM
  • St. Catherine's River Beach, Queens County
  • Black Point Beach, Shelburne County

Ten Family Walks - Mainland (Two hours or less):

  • Salt Marsh Trail, HRM
  • Uniacke Estate, Hants County
  • Hemlock and Hardwoods, Kejimkujik National Park
  • Belleisle Marsh, Annapolis County
  • Caribou-Munroe's Island, Pictou County
  • Rogart Mountain, Colchester County
  • Amherst Point Bird Sanctuary, Cumberland County
  • Thomas Radell Provincial Park, Queens County
  • Fairmont Ridge, Antigonish County
  • Black Duck Cove, Guysborough County

Ten Challenging Hikes - Mainland (More than two hours):

  • The Bluff Wilderness Trail, HRM
  • North Granite Ridge Trail, HRM
  • Crowbar Lake, HRM
  • Kenomee Canyon, Colchester County
  • Gully Lake Loop, Pictou County
  • Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, Cumberland County
  • Liberty Lake Loop, Kejimkujik National Park
  • Cape George, Antigonish County
  • Queensport Road, Guysborough County
  • Cape Split, Kings County

Five Family Hikes - Cape Breton (Two hours or less):

  • Skyline, CB Highlands National Park
  • Middle Head, CB Highlands National Park
  • Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail, Louisbourg National Historic Site
  • Petersfield Provincial Park, CBRM
  • Whycocomagh Provincial Park, Victoria County

Five Challenging Hikes - Cape Breton More than two hours):

  • Franey, CB Highlands National Park
  • Glasgow Lakes, CB Highlands National Park
  • Cape Smokey, Victoria County
  • Cape Breton, CBRM
  • Mabou Highlands, Inverness County

Five Waterfalls - Challenging:

  • North River Falls, Victoria County
  • Egypt Falls, Inverness County
  • Cutie's Hollow, Antigonish County
  • Economy Falls (via Devil's Bend Trail), Colchester County
  • Ward Falls, Cumberland County

Five Waterfalls - Less Challenging:

  • Usige Ban Falls, Victoria County
  • Delaps Cove, Annapolis County
  • Economy Falls, Colchester County
  • Victoria Park, Colchester County
  • Mary Ann Falls, CB Highlands National Park

For more information on these locations, visit: http://hikingnovascotia.blogspot.com/

Somalia Famine, More of Your Driver Pet Peeves, Staycation Secrets

Posted by Maritime Noon

The UN declares a famine in parts of Somalia, we ask what our responsibility is as Canadians to help out. More of your driver pet peeves. Plus, your suggestions for great vacation spots in the Maritimes.
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Moncton Bike Lanes, Design on a Dime, Driving Pet Peeves

Posted by Maritime Noon

We ride into the controversy around new bike lanes in Moncton. Designer Deb Nelson on sprucing up your home on the cheap. Plus, the CAA polls drivers on their bad habits. What's yours?
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Internet Metering, Your Car Questions, Generous Lottery Winner, Elton John

Posted by Maritime Noon

Find out why the CRTC is considering forcing small internet providers to charge Canadians if they exceed a monthly usage limit. Doug Bethune answers your car questions. We remember Violet Large for donating her lottery win. Plus, confirmation that Elton John is coming to the Maritimes!
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PEI's flight credit, Feedback, Science Panel

Posted by Maritime Noon

Tourism PEI is offering a flight rebate for Americans visiting the island, we hear some of your feedback, and our science panel answers questions ranging from dreams of the blind... to arsenic-ridden lumber.

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Self-Defense Court Case, Mean Girls, Your Feedback

Posted by Maritime Noon

A court case in NB might help clarify how far Canadians can go to defend themselves and their property. Your stories about mean girls, and the dynamics of female relationships. Plus, your feedback on everything from outhouses to cats in trees.
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Goose Cull, Musty Basements, Alcohol Testing and Outhouse Feedback

Posted by Maritime Noon

Find out why people in Nackawic, NB have hit a roadblock in their attempts to downsize the Canada Geese population. Art Irwin has advice on moisture in the basement. Your feedback on mandatory alcohol testing in the workplace, plus more outhouse stories. We also hear a request for suggestions on how to get a cat out of a tree!
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Mandatory Alcohol Testing, Oland Funeral, Outhouse Stories, Name Changes

Posted by Maritime Noon

NB's court of appeal rules that Irving can continue doing random alcohol tests on employees at a paper mill in Saint John. We ask: is it fair? An update on the Richard Oland homicide case. Your outhouse stories. Plus, more feedback on name changes during marriage.
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SJ Railway Tie Fire, Wedding Name Changes, Beech Tree Bug

Posted by Maritime Noon

Thousand of railway ties burn in Saint John. We check in with the fire chief. Your take on whether women should change their last names when they get married. Plus, an arborist explains why the beech trees are dying.
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Mourning Richard Oland, Gardening with Marjorie Willison, Plus Your Feedback

Posted by Maritime Noon

Hear from a close friend of Richard Oland, a day after the NB community leader dies under suspicious circumstances. Marjorie Willison shares her tips and tricks to help your garden grow. Plus, your feedback defending our future King.
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Mandatory Retirement, Monarchy Rules, Summer Camp Stories, Your Feedback

Posted by Maritime Noon

The latest on the saga around mandatory retirement at UPEI. We clarify the rules around the monarchy. Your memories from summer camp. Plus, more of your travel tips and odd name stories.
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Cormier Verdict, Tar Ponds Lawsuit, Nursing Home Mould, Travel Tips, Odd Names

Posted by Maritime Noon

Details on the guilty verdict in the Romeo Cormier trial in Moncton. A judge rules in favour of a class action lawsuit for people living near the Sydney Tar Ponds. Mould in a nursing home forces seniors to move off Grand Manan Island. Your travel horror stories. Plus, names that have caused confusion over the years.
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Afghan Mission Ends, Genealogy, Summer Jobs, "Normally A Cloud"

Posted by Maritime Noon

Military Analyst Scott Taylor on the end of Canada's combat mission in Afghanistan. Genealogist Terry Punch on local expressions, and your family history. We make a few cold calls on your most memorable summer jobs. Plus, a listener on mis-hearing Norma Lee's name every day...
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Royal Couple Visits PEI, Miramichi Salmon, Proud Canadian Stories

Posted by Maritime Noon

A taste of pomp and pageantry as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit PEI. A conservationist reacts to a DFO decision to only allow catch-and-release salmon fishing on the Miramichi River. Plus, more of your stories about feeling proud to be Canadian.

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