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Tourism NS, NB and PEI, together? Considering a shared tourism agency / Phone In: Taking a leap. Our lifestyle coaches help you prepare for big changes.

One Maritime Tourism board? :
Universite de Moncton professor Donald Savoie suggests we eliminate the provincial tourism departments. But how do people who actually work in the industry feel? We talked to Real Robichaud, Exectuive Director with the Tourism Association of New Brunswick, and Don Cudmore, Executive Director for theTourism Association of Prince Edward Island.

Life Changes:
Whether it's giving up smoking, or moving across the country, the new year often prompts change... but how can we stick to our plans and follow through? Our guests, Fred Connors, of FRED Beauty Salon in Halifax, and Heather Wilson, a life coach in Charlottetown, take your questions, and listen to your stories.

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