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The Joys of Skating Outdoors/ The Bluenose II, or should it be III? / Phone-in: Food Trends

The Joys of Skating Outdoors: Tens of thousands of Nova Scotians have flocked to the Halifax Common in recent weeks to try out what has quickly become the city's hottest attraction - an outdoor skating oval. The rink is just one of the benefits of the city's decision to host the Canada Games next month. The plan is to take down the oval this spring after the games and after skating season ends, but there's growing pressure to leave the ice just where it is. So, we thought we'd check in with a couple of cities elsewhere in our region which maintain outdoor rinks-- though admittedly without the help of high-tech chilling equipment.

The city of Bathurst has several outdoor skating surfaces located in the heart of the city. So does the city of Moncton. To talk about what those rinks means to those cities, we reached the mayor of Bathurst, Stephen Brunet, as well as Dan Hicks , the supervisor of Parks and Grounds for the city of Moncton.

The Bluenose II, or should it be III?
If you walked the docks of the Halifax Harbour in recent years, you may have climbed aboard the Bluenose II for a tour. But the ship was hauled out of the water last year. It's now on dry land, in the midst of a 15 million dollar restoration...or is it a rebuild, or has it morphed into a new ship altogether? The CBC's Phlis McGreggor recently toured the restoration site. She described the extent of the makeover for us, as well as some of the concerns surrounding the renovations.

The Nova Scotia government has installed a webcam so anyone who's intereseted can take a first hand look at the work being done on the Bluenose II.

Food Trends: Have you added something new to your menu? Craig Flinn is the owner and chef at Chives Canadian Bistro in Halifax. He's also the author of three cookbooks including his latest: "Fresh & Frugal". He shared his thoughts on your suggestions about the latest trends in food.

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