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Spring Floods/ Costas's New Career/ Phone-in: Customer Service Stories

Spring Floods:  The Maritimes have been battered with wind, rain, and/or snow over the past few weeks.  Although it'd be nice to think the worst was over... Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada, told us not to hold our breath.  Certain areas may be in danger of flooding this spring as winter thaws.

Costas's New Career:  We heard CBC's Pauline Dakin's interview with former Maritime Noon host, Costas Halavrezos, on mainland Nova Scotia's edition of Information Morning.  Costas has bowed out of broadcasting to put a little spice in his life....literally.  Now, he sells spices at the Historic Halifax Farmers' Market every Saturday. 

Customer Service Stories: Today on the phone-in, Anne MacKeigan, our customer service expert, took your calls and gave some advice about how to stay cool even in the face of very bad service.

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