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Education Cuts and School Boards/ Energy Bill break in Summerside/ Phone in: The Science Panel

Cutting Costs: School boards in Nova Scotia have been told to start working up plans to shave 22 per cent from their budgets over three years. The government says something has to change given student enrolment is on the decline and education spending keeps going up. The NS School Boards Association estimates that the cuts would mean closing 70 schools, and laying off 2,000 teachers, as well as support workers, bus drivers, and janitors. Would reducing the number of school boards in the province save money? New Brunswick went through that process several years ago. We spoke with Dennis Cochrane, who was a provincial school board superintendant at the time. He's a former deputy minister of education in Nova Scotia, and now President of St Thomas University in New Brunswick.

Whichever Way the Wind Blows: Citizens of Summerside who invest in special, ceramic space heaters will soon pay less for the energy they use. The heaters use electricity generated by wind turbines during the overnight, non-peak hours, and dissipate that heat during the course of the day. Citizens who buy the heaters will be charged six cents a kilowatt hour less for the first 25-hundred kilowatt hours. The CBC's Laura Chapin dropped in on Summerside city administrator Terry Murphy to find out more.

Seeing Clearly: On the phone in, Drs Mary Anne White and Richard Wassersug explained our sense of sight, and answered all your questions about the science of everyday life.

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