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Microscopic Munchers Devour the Titantic/ Phone In: Managing Debt

Small but Hungry: It may be microscopic, but it's currently chewing through what's left of the once mighty Titantic.The bacterium called halomonus titanicae was recently discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in icicle-like structures which have attached themselves to the ship's wreckage. Dr Henrietta Mann is a civil engineering adjunct professor at Dalhousie University, and she's been studying the bacterium since they were were brought back from the ocean floor.

Opening Late: The Nova Scotia government has come up with a plan to address the chronic problem of emergency room closures. Many ER's in smaller communities have been forced to close sporadically over the last few years because of a shortage of doctors and nurses to cover off overnight and weekend shifts. Dr. John Ross, who was hired by the Nova Scotia government to identify the problems and make suggestions for improvement, recently reported that many people who now use ERs would be better cared for at properly staffed clinics that stay open into the evening. Today, Nova Scotia's health minister Maureen MacDonald announced her government's decision to proceed with that recommendation.

Managing Debt: John Eisner, the President of Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada, answered your questions about managing debt.

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