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Scientists get Media Savvy/ A Different Approach to Afghanistan/ Phone-in: Art Irwin on Heating with Wood

Scientists get Media Savvy/ A Different Approach to Afghanistan/ Phone-in: Art Irwin on Heating with Wood

Teaching scientists how to talk science. We drop by a public forum to help journalists and sicentists better understand each other.

Toning-Down the Jargon: We once-again drop into a recent public forum in Halifax called Science and Its Publics. The event marked the Atlantic launch of the Media Science Centre of Canada. That's an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to improve public understanding of science stories by helping Canadian journalists tell those stories.
The Centre provides reporters with evidence-based research, as well as access to background information and scientific spokespeople.
The public forum was chaired by Jay Ingrahm of The Daily Planet.
The panelists included Pauline Dakin, who covers medical and health stories for the CBC;
Dr. David Secko, a scientist who teaches journalism at Concordia University;
And Dr. Mary Anne White, University Research Professor of Chemistry and Physics at Dalhousie - AND of course you know her as one-half of the regular MN science panel.
Dr White began her remarks by talking about the public's insatiable appetite to know more about science.

Don't Tell, Just Ask: The venerable Flora MacDonald shares her approach to working in Afghanistan.
Ms MacDonald was a Progressive Conservative MP in the 70s and 80s, AND one of the first women to run for the leadership of a federal political party in Canada. She was also Canada's first female minister of foreign affairs.
After she left politics: she moved on to international humanitarian work, and founded an organization called Future Generations Canada. Future Generations Canada focuses on improving the health, education, economy, and environment of Afghan people.
Flora MacDonald spoke with Jean LaRoche from her office in Ottawa.

On the Phone-in, heating and ventilation consultant Art Irwin talks about the pros and cons of heating with wood, and answers all your questions about home heating.

Podcast - requires flash to listen

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