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Shipbuilding Boom/Climate Crusader/Phone in: Maritime Wildlife

Building for the Future: One of the oldest industries in Nova Scotia is making a comeback. Thirteen hundred people are working fulltime at the Halifax shipyard, and the Irving-owned company is positioning itself to compete to build Canadian ships over the next forty years. As the CBC's Jennifer Henderson tells us, that's good news to a whole new generation of apprentices in trades ranging from electricians to sheet metal workers.

Praying for Change: World leaders, environmentalists and activists will soon gather in Cancun, Mexico, to try, once again, to lay out a plan of action to deal with climate change. Many of those same leaders were at a similar gathering in Copenhagen a year ago. That meeting prompted the former Moderator of the United Church of Canada to launch a very personal campaign to spur leaders into action. Reverend Bill Phipps is still very much in the fight.

Wildlife Stories: Humans aren't the only ones who gear up for winter - it's a busy time for wildlife, as well. Biologist Bob Bancroft anwered all your questions about the wild creatures of the Maritimes.

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