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So long, Danny Williams / Phone In: Reflecting on Canada's mission in Afghanistan

One Heck of a Ride: Premier Danny Williams of Newfoundland and Labrador announced his resignation today in an emotional farewell to his supporters. One week ago, the premier of Nova Scotia was at William's side when they announced the multi-billion dollar Lower Churchill energy deal. Premier Darrell Dexter reflected on the departure of the outspoken politician.

The Training Mission: Canada's commitment to Afghanistan started with a single battalion and a six month tour of duty. Nine years later, the country mourns the deaths of 152 soldiers, and Afghanistan continues to be ripped by violence and riddled with corruption. Earlier this month, Ottawa once again extended Canada's mission. Canadian soldiers will remain there until 2014. They will run training programs centered in the relative safety of Kabul - far from the Khandahar area which has proved so deadly. The international community's goal in Afghanistan is to build a secure, stable and self-sufficient country - one that is no longer a haven for terrorists. Is that goal even achievable? Our guests were Scott Taylor, a former soldier and the publisher of Esprit de Corps magazine, and Ruben Zaiotti, who teaches political science at Dalhousie University, where his main areas of interest include international relations and international security.

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