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Opportunities for Microbreweries? Phone In: Simon Winchester and Stories of the Atlantic.

Cheers: The best known brand of beer in Atlantic Canada is moving more of its production down the road. Labatt's, the company that owns the Keith's brand, announced yesterday that it will shift more production to other brewing plants across the country to save on shipping costs.
About 40 people will lose their jobs at the Oland's Brewery plant in Halifax. While Keiths will always be available in the Maritimes, does the move create opportunities for Maritime micro-breweries? We asked Brian Titus, who runs Garrison Brewery in Halifax, and Sean Fraser, who operates PumpHouse Brewery in Moncton.

A Vast Ocean, A Million Stories: It's difficult to comprehend the size and significance of the Atlantic Ocean. It contains one quarter of the Earth's water, and is the source of all life. It's also capable of generating terrible storms that can whip the sea into walls of frenzied water. While there's no doubt the Atlantic is a place of formidable power and wonder, after reading Simon Winchester's new book, you may marvel at why we treat it so badly. Mr Winchester is the author of best sellers like"The Professor and the Madman" and "Krakatoa". His new book " Atlantic" is a sweeping account of the ocean's history. He was our guest, and you told us your stories of the Atlantic.

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