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Telling Science Stories/ The Car Care Phone In with Doug Bethune

Telling The Story: The only thing that stands between you and a clear understanding of everything from the lastest medical breakthrough, to the impact of invasive marine species, to global warming, is good reporting. That's why the Science Media Centre of Canada has been established. The independent, non-profit organization hopes to widen the public's understanding of science stories by helping reporters tell them. Its goal is to get journalists quick access to evidence-based research, background information and interviews with scientists. Recently, Maritime Noon attended a public forum in Halifax on the challenges facing journalists and scientists in communicating complex stories. The event was hosted by Jay Ingram of The Daily Planet. The panelists were Pauline Dakin, medical and health reporter for CBC, Concordia University journalism professor Dr David Secko, and Dr Mary Anne White, University Research Professor of Chemistry and Physics at Dalhousie University. Here they are, handling questions from the audience.

On the Phone In: Automotive consultant Doug Bethune answered all your car care questions.

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