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Premiers' Meet/The Trouble with Billionaires/Our Legislatures/Phone In: Chefs Panel


Power Politics: Yesterday's mega-deal between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland had premiers Darrell Dexter and David Alward talking today. The hydro electricity Nova Scotia will receive as part of its deal could travel to, or through New Brunswick. But it will take millions to upgrade the transmission system to carry that extra load. We heard from Nova Scotia's Darrell Dexter and New Brunswick's David Alward.

Money Talks: Living in the Maritimes it's hard to under estimate the power and influence of the Irvings. The family's estimated worth of more than 7-billion dollars makes it one of the wealthiest in the country. As rich and as vast as the empire is, the Irvings are just one of 55 individuals or families who are now members of Canada's billionaire club. A decade ago, that exclusive club had half as many members. Turns out the rich really are getting richer. That worries Osgoode Hall tax law professor Neil Brooks. We speak to the co-author of, "The Trouble with Billionaires."

These Old Houses: We chat with James MacNutt, the author of "Building for Democracy, The history and architecture of the legislative buildings of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick."

On the Phone in, Chefs Craig Flinn and Lars Willum offer their holiday menu suggestions and answered all your questions.



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