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Flooded Out/ The Treatment of Veterans/White Poppy Controversy/Phone In: Painting expert, Jim White.

Flooded Out: It's been a tense 48 hours in south western Nova Scotia, where heavy rain and flooding have forced the evacuation of some homes in the Tusket area of Yarmouth County.
We got an update on the situation from CBC reporter Preston Mulligan.

Damage Control: This past weekend, at rallies across the country, veterans complained bitterly about their treatment at the hands of the Department of Veteran's Affairs.The focus of their unhappiness is the new Veterans' Charter. It was created in 2006, and its critics say it denies vets the guaranteed pensions, family benefits and supports that used to be the norm. The Minister of Veteran's Affairs, Jean Pierre Blackburn, responded to some of the crititcism

White Poppy/Red Poppy: Members of the Prince Edward Island Peace Committee headed to the farmer's market in Charlottetown last Saturday to hand out white poppies, which they consider symbols of peace, and a tribute to civilians who die in war. They were asked to stop. Some people, including Jim Ross, the president of the Royal Canadian Legion on PEI, find the white poppies offensive. But Heidi Verheul disagrees. She's with the Halifax Peace Coalition.

On the Phone In: Jim White sliced and diced all your questions about your painting projects.

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