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Wet and Wild Weather/Veteran's Protest/Phone In: What Sources do You Trust?

Wet and Wild: Roads closed, basements flooded - it's been a wild weather weekend in the Maritimes. Southeastern New Brunswick, including Alma, the Moncton area and Saint John were particularly hard hit. In Nova Scotia, some families have been forced out of their homes as water levels rise in the southwestern part of the province. Emergency officials say the worst flooding is in the Argyle area, and in the Annapolis Valley. We got an update from Ramona Jennex, the Minister responsible for the Emergency Management Office in Nova Scotia.

Veterans Protest: Many veterans gathered this weekend at rallies in Fredericton, Charlottetown, Halifax and at other cities in Canada for a first ever Veteran's Day of Protest. It was part of a national effort to bring attention to a long list of grievances against Veteran's Affairs - including pension claw backs, and a reluctance to pay disability and medical benefits. The Federal Minister of Veterans' Affairs has told veterans who have problems to call him directly. But some of the people who were at a rally in Halifax scoffed at that suggestion. They were also critical of both the Veteran's Affairs Department and Stephen Harper's government, but the Royal Canadian Legion also came under fire for its stand on veteran's issues. For a response, we spoke with Pierre Allard, the Legion's Service Bureau Director in Ottawa

Who Do You Trust?: In 2008, the price of oil had surged above $140 a barrel, and experts said it would soon hit $200. A few months later it plunged to $30 a barrel. In 1967, experts predicted that within 20 years, the USSR would have one of the world's fastest-growing economies. But by the year 2000, the USSR no longer existed.
When it comes to predicting everything from the price of oil, to the behaviour of the stock market, so called expert opinion can be dizzyingly wrong. So, how do you assess the information that comes pouring across the web, broadcast media and newspapers? Our guest was Dan Gardener, the author of "Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Fail - and Why We Believe Them Anyway". Our question: what sources do you trust, and why?

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