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Empty Nursing Home Beds/ Phone In: Quitting Smoking

The Waiting Game: The wait for a nursing home bed to open up is a stressful and emotionally fraught one for an elderly person, and their families. And the wait for some seniors in Nova Scotia is longer than it should be. Officials have discovered that some of those beds are not being filled fast enough, and they want to know why. The health authority on Cape Breton Island has hired an industrial engineer to try to find what's behind the backlog, and the answers may lead to changes throughout the province. We spoke with Keith Menzies, the executive director of the Continuing Care Branch for Nova Scotia's Department of Health.

Butting Out: You see them huddled around the corner of your office building, trying to light up in the wind, or gathered just outside the no smoking zone where the mound of cigarettes butts can be an inch deep. Smoking may be socially unacceptable in many situations, and banned outright in most workplaces, but if you're addicted, it's hard to quit. Our guest was Dan Steeves, a Community Outreach Worker with Addiction Prevention and Treatment Services in the Capital Health District in Nova Scotia. He answered all your questions about quitting smoking.

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