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Hospital Fundraisers Seek Patient Info/ Midwifery in the Maritimes/ The Baking Phone In with Janice Murray Gill/

Patiently Raising Funds: Like any other group trying to raise money for a good cause, hospital foundations are continuously seeking out ways to broaden or enhance their fund-raising. In Nova Scotia, the provincial government has received a request from the QE2 Foundation to use patient information to solicit donations. Bruce Marchand is the Vice Chair of the Foundation.

Maritime Midwives: Earlier this week we asked you what reforms you thought would improve the health care system in the Maritimes. Some of you spoke about the need for people to have better access to other health professionals such as dieticians, pharmacists, occupational therapists, and midwives. Midwifery isn't new this region and successive governments have promised, to varying degrees to integrate the practice into the health care system. But advocates say progress has been slow. Christine Saulnier is with the midwifery coalition of Nova Scotia. Susana Rutherford is with a group called Born PEI.

On the Phone In, Janice Murray Gill answered all your baking questions

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