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Antiquated Liquor Laws/Phone In: Family Law

Cheers!: If you've ever brought a bottle of wine or a case of beer back across a provincial boundary, you've committed a criminal offence. But you're not about to get hauled in before a judge anytime soon. A federal law that dates from the time of Prohibition attempts to control how alcohol is distributed in this country, but several groups are trying to change that. The CBC's Laura Chapin brought us the story.

All in the Family: Most of us can handle the routine chores in our lives, like paying the bills or raking the leaves. What many of us put off is preparing for life altering events, such as a serious illnesses, a potential divorce, or even death.
Being ready, and planning for those possibilities and eventualities can cushion the blow and save you, and your family, from having to make difficult decisions at a time when many people are overwhelmed with emotion and stress. Our guest was Julia Cornish, with the Dartmouth law firm Sealy Cornish Coulthard., and she answered your questions about family law.

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